Five years after the original debut album ‘Gears Of The Machine’ and three years after its new interpretation ‘Gears Of The Machine : A New Beginning’, presents the Chicago Prog Power band SACRED DAWN its new and first concept album. After the enjoyment of listening to ‘A Madness Within’ a number of times, I must attest the mature and brilliant songwriting whichs makes the album a complete success. The 5 skilled musicians combine progressive and melodic moments with thrashy riffs and dark undertones in 10 songs which are for all stamped by the emotional and unique Leadvocals from Lothar Keller who also demonstrates his undeniable guitar talent. As well as bands like ANTITHESIS, REX MUNDI, or FALLEN SANCTUARY, SACRED DAWN demonstrates that the Genre leaders NEVERMORE or DREAM THEATHER have already been dethroned by some more musically interesting acts. After listening to the tracks ‘Demonlover’ or ‘Delirium’, everybody should agree.